Gîn Bali is a multidimensional artist. She is a guitarist, producer, DJ, booker, eventmanager and community organizer at YAYA collective.

The meaning of the name Gîn changes, depending on how you want to pronounce it. Gîn is a creature,  that is formed from smokeless fire. It commands over the mind and populates the world with other “Djinns” besides the human kind. 

It also means “woman” in kurdish, but Gîn is also half of the civic name.

In kurdish Bal means something like attracting attention. It also is the maiden name of Gîn Balis grandmother. 

Born and raised in Bonn, Gîn ended up in Wuppertal where they studied classical guitar and singing. 

Gîns sounds are shaped and mainly influenced by her classical education as a guitarist, growing up with RnB, HipHop and Rock music and living in a world they might not really belong to. As a DJ Gîn always recreates their own reflection about her experiences and points of views in a set. Gîn feels genderunbound and loves to play genreunbound. 

Their DJ sets are for those who are ready for a union of genres like HipHop,Experimental, Jungle, Deconstructed Club, Bass, Moombathon and kurdish electronics.

Besides working as a DJ and composer/producer Gîn also is an event manager and booker. 

She has a residency at “YAYA” in the club Mauke, she is the co-founder of the event series Sonic Echo, Booker of Dach der Stadt Festival and part of many different event series that she curates for other institutions and collectives such as femgoesshort, amalopa, culture office wuppertal and many many more. 

Gîn is also the CEO of YAYA e.V. , a non profit organisation that curates their own events with the demand to create spaces that are from the community and for the community. 

Together with her work wife whoslulu she also works as a visual jockey in clubs and for concerts. 

Besides all of this she is doing a loooooot of multidimensional projects that let her being formed by the worlds of classical music and club culture become one. 

With her expertise in music pedagogy Gîn gives a lot of workshops about guitar practice, songwriting and Djing..