my Hör set from April 22

On April 22, I played a cute set at HÖR :—)

I hope you enjoy and shake your sweet tushies while listening!

My mix for cumming collective

I recorded a little mix for cumming collective cologne. Also check out the other sweet DJs featured here 🙂


Check out my crew YAYA, I am super proud of this collective, as we are putting all our love and passion into creating spaces that we missed all this time. If you want to be part of our collective please don´t hesitate to contact us!

… weil die soziale Wirklichkeit komplex ist …

I wrote an article for Bildpunktmagazine about my view on intersectional realities in germany in collaboration with professor Paula-Irene Villa Braslavsky.


I featured the artist Farce in NOIES magazine, check out their latest album “Note to regress”, I am just in love with it!!!
Also follow them on instagram, go to their shows and support this artist <3


I had a cute little chat with composer Jakob Hüffel, who directed the soundtrack for  the movie FUTUR DREI. If you haven´t watched the movie yet… :—–(

Popboard NRW

Being part of Popboard NRW makes me a contact person for the pop scene in NRW. We are trying to show and represent all relevant facettes and dimensions of the music scene in NRW.


Does anybody still use this, lol?

Anyway, sometimes I like to create facebook events 🙂